Refused Support and Left To Die

In January 2018, some months after communications were punitively restricted and blocked by directors of Herefordshire Council, I requested during a phone call that my brother’s social worker RC arrange for care to support me while I was on a hunger strike in protest at the inadequate care and support, and recurring neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother.
I was visited, in the same month, by a social worker AJ and her colleague LT who appeared to me to be inexperienced, and lacked knowledge of specific legislation.

The below is AJ’s record entry of the visit to me on 17th January 2018.



Some points to note in the record entry are:

1. After the social worker AJ alleged I was unlikely to survive my protest, no support was provided by Herefordshire Council to help me cook meals or assist with personal care of my frail elderly mother while I conducted my protest. Herefordshire council refused, on 23rd January 2018, to provide the support I requested and needed, as a phone call recording can evidence, leaving me to die.

2. I did not say the council server was easy to hack; I said I was aware the council email system had critical vulnerabilities.

3. The social worker’s record, entered on 18th January 2018 at 12.08, was edited by a third party on 23rd January 2018 at 10.05 pm, I believe with information removed, coincidentally this edit occurred after I received a call earlier the same day from JW a senior practitioner of the social care team, who refused to provide the support I had requested.

As an unpaid carer I am, unfortunately, familiar with the dire service and lack of accountability of staff of Herefordshire Councils adult social care, however, for supposed professionals to abandon a duty of care, it is in my opinion, worthy of condemnation and in the public interest for such to be known.