Priory Group Subject Access Request 2017

It is now over 19 month since The Priory Group ignored my original subject access request to them, and DW (Director for Risk and Safety at The Priory Group), lied to The ICO about preparing to send the data soon to me after The ICO re-opened the case.

It is also a further six months since I submitted a renewed subject access request under The GDPR to The Priory Group; which to date has remained ignored.
However, it is no surprise to me that DW and the lawyer for the firm MD has attempted to avoid providing the data I requested, particularly in consideration that he assisted in concealing neglect and institutional abuse at a Priory Group managed home for an extended period and provided specious letters attempting to change versions of his story.
In fact, in one letter, DW said he did not see any issue with my vulnerable brother sleeping in the same clothes he wore to visit our mother and me; when we did manage to get my brother home.

Below is part of one of DW’s specious emails, this particular one to The ICO concerning requested information.
In my opinion, it is extraordinarily convenient that there was a technical fault involving a person and data regarding my case, and that particular data was claimed to be unrecoverable.

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If DW’s claim were to be believed, this raises questions, notably do The Priory Group not have adequate system backup of other client and patients data, as declared in a letter from Matthew Dillon (Data Protection Officer and solicitor for The Priory Group) to Aberystwyth University

Letter from MD Regarding EAP Aberystwyth University


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