In the interest of the public, particularly those that may have a vulnerable relative, I have published screenshots of some of the comments made by the Hereford Times trolls, from just two stories. The stories being an article about a driver who died in crash in Brimfield and another reporting thieves running across the railway tracks to escape police.

I believe the trolls find our website and blog trivial and a target for ridicule and insult, yet claims not to have seen it.

As one troll tends to post comments and then delete or change them, I assume they may be employed by The Hereford Times or perhaps affiliated in some way.

I don’t believe in wasting much time on trolls, however, I do believe the screens are worth sharing to highlight the persistence of trolls.


It appears my post upset a troll so he became insulting

One troll didn’t bother looking at the costs I published, yet comments, while another appears to find inadequate care and support of a vulnerable person trivial



More insults from the troll

In my opinion the trolls comment could be considered vexatious, particularly if the deceased had any relatives reading the comments section



The troll appears to regard anyone who may raise concern for the vulnerable as idiots


I will be interested to read The Hereford Times official response.