This page is published in the public interest, particularly those that have a vulnerable relative and may experience similar. The page contains some of the statistics, including real-time, of my vulnerable brother’s inadequate care and support provided by The Priory Group and supported by some Herefordshire Council staff.

Days since last family home visit


Time since the safeguarding concerns were acknowledged by Herefordshire Council staff and ignored


Time from safeguarding concerns being raised and acknowledged by Herefordshire Council to an assessment

November 2015 (After raising concerns in March 2015)


Time since The Priory Group failed to correct wrongly recorded medication


Time since receiving Herefordshire Council’s official response letter, drafted by Ms SC (Complex Care Manager at Herefordshire Council), which contains assumption, contradiction, factually inaccurate information and allegation against me.
The letter sent after a bias and inadequate investigation was held in the absence of my solicitor and me and without request for evidence


Time since Mr David Watts (Director of Risk and Safety of The Priory Group) sent a letter of refusal to address recurring and ongoing inadequate care and support provided to my brother, lacking impartial investigation and consequently blocking communication for and on behalf of my brother and family


Time since receiving the last promised monthly report from The Priory Group managed residential home


Time Since the last weekly report was received from The Priory Group managed residential home


Number of denied or neglected family visits by The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council

19 (Stopped adding to this count in 2017)


Known misuse/inappropriate administration or inaccurately recorded medication since 2015

4 (stopped adding to this count in 2017)


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