Photos Shown To Provider and Council

Below are some photographs of my brother’s clothing, glasses and scratches. Most of which were shown at a meeting in September 2016 to the care home manager of H House,  district manager for The Priory Group, Herefordshire Council social worker,  provided IMCA and advocate and a paid carer. These photos later shared with other Herefordshire local authority social care employees, yet inadequate care and support continue to date.

The social worker, EG, later insultingly claimed in a communication to a colleague, which I obtained, the t-shirt ‘had been shuffed up to make it look short’. if fact the t-shirt was three sizes too small.

I believe it is unacceptable for a care provider and local authority to ignore their duty of care and the concerns identified by anyone for any vulnerable adult who has limited verbal communication, particularly their family.

Ill-fitting clothes

Torn trousers
Unclean glasses
Scratched glasses
Scratched lens