Indication of Institutional Abuse


After speaking with my brother for a limited time on Sunday 19th March 2017, via phone, which I recorded, as usual, I sent an email the next day to H House, The Priory Group Complaints and enquiries, requesting that my brother has a family home visit, again this has been wilfully ignored.

Below is a redacted copy of my 6th request to H House and The Priory Group emails. I believe anyone reading this site will note the clear indications of institutional abuse.

6th request for a family home visit wilfully ignored

Gmail - Family home visit (correction to date, 6th request)_Redacted


The image below once again includes the tracking information fro the sent email.


My brother is only allowed a phone call home on a Sunday by H House, these calls only lasting between 2-4 mins.
I have requested many time that he be provided with an alternative communication aid due to his autism. I offered to help find a solution that would work for his particular needs and tested VOIP options when we did use to see him, to date Herefordshire Council’s adult social care department staff and those of H House have not helped my brother with this.

At times it ‘s hard to explain to our elderly mother, why he has not been allowed home; or trying to distract her mind from concern that she has for him.